Saturday, April 28, 2018

Paris (1)

Paris (1)

the day soon to arrive for departure
for this city of springtime..
gathering maps and luggage
and passport and advice..
the imaginings of Paris
color pre-departure awareness..
thoughts and perceptions
are bundled with expectation
for new colorations as the
journey unfolds..
my father was in Paris
during the war to end all wars
and my own military memories
will likely lead to Normandy
and new appreciation for 
those fields of sacrifice...

One of the reasons we love to travel is that that element of ourselves which never goes anywhere is, by contrast with the movement involved in traveling, brought into focus. The changes emphasize the changeless. The sense of deep peace that often accompanies a journey is the peace of our changeless presence. We love to go to different places only to taste again and again the recognition that we never go anywhere and to feel the peace that accompanies that recognition. ~ Rupert Spira

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