Sunday, April 1, 2018

the fractal vibration

this formula
you may recognize 
is the classic fractal formula..
the equal sign is not an equal sign
but a symbol pointing two ways..
the intention is an infinite calculation 
and feedback..a vibration really
within the formula which
we might say is one name of
infinite consciousness..

this is mandelbrot's discovery
not an invention but a discovery
of what has always been..
in the '70's the advent of the
digital computer has allowed
the visualization of the patterns of
 path-formulas of infinite variation
which all of us might discover
on the computer we are using
in this moment..

with this preparation
we might consider that our
thoughts and perceptions
are the fractal vibrations
within consciousness and
made of consciousness..
it is the consciousness fractal
appearing as the world
and the itch in our knee
apparently all separated until
we remember that formula of 
 fractal vibration... 

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