Monday, April 23, 2018

Separation in prayer

Separation in prayer

an assumption of separation
is found in many prayers..
separation is assumed in requests
seemingly to Someone distant..
the non-duality teaching closes the
distance..and experiential prayer

From an ultimate point of view it doesn't make sense who or what would pray to God. It would have to be something other than God. But at a more relative level if we seem to be something other than God, then praying to God; by praying we don’t mean, “God, Please may I have this.” A prayer in the sense of turning yourself towards God is valid. One might pray to be filled with God alone. When I was eight or nine, we used to sing hymns everyday and on Sunday evening we’d had this very particular hymn. We were used to sing every Sunday evening for five years and it’s lodged itself in my memory. It was such a beautiful prayer and it went like this: God be in my head and in my thinking. God, be in my eyes and in my seeing. God, be in my ears and in my hearing. God, be in my mouth and in my speaking. God, be in my heart and in my understanding. That would be a good prayer for the separate self. God, just replace me with you, just fill my whole being with your presence. That would be a legitimate prayer. It would be an alternative to self inquiry. In fact, it's the same thing through a different channel. But the God that we are speaking to is not a god (pointing upward), we're speaking to infinite Being, infinite Consciousness. - Rupert Spira

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