Thursday, April 12, 2018

Real and Unreal

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The right perspective:
The basic ingredient of any endeavor is right perspective, so Krishna right away delineates two universal principles that must be kept in mind at all times, whether engaged in outer activity or inner meditation.
“It is found that the unreal has no being; it is found that there is no non-being for the real. The certainty of both these propositions is indeed surely seen by the perceivers of truth” (2:16). Swami Prabhavananda’s interpretive translation is: “That which is non-existent can never come into being, and that which is can never cease to be. Those who have known the inmost Reality know also the nature of is and is not.”
“Know that that by which all this universe is pervaded is indeed indestructible; no one is able to accomplish the destruction of the imperishable” (2:17). Prabhavananda: “That Reality which pervades the universe is indestructible. No one has power to change the Changeless.”

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