Tuesday, July 18, 2023

What he was looking for...


What he is looking for

Is not here now..but

In that place where it

Will be found..

This is the stage play

As the world

Seemingly goes round...

Lucy,  (pertaining to a Henry David Thoreau discussion group)

We had a good meeting.  A full house.  The main discussion point was the Canadian wood-chopper, whom HDT liked a lot.  The chopper liked his work, partially because he thought he didn't have to work...he could survive with his dog, catching game animals for meals.  We talked about what certain animals might taste like, but no consensus.  Jim White said the chopper reminded him of the longshoreman, Eric Hoffer, and his writings in the '60's (are you familiar with him, Lucy?).  The chopper was portrayed as somewhat educated, including knowledge of the Greek classics, but HDT seemed to downplay his depth.  Maybe there was a little envy on HDT's part.  Did the chopper already have what HDT was looking for in his stay at Walden?

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