Saturday, July 29, 2023

The wood-chopper (Walden, Henry David Thoreau)


Hi Lucy,

Good meeting!  We are still with the wood-chopper.  It seems that HDT has
 a great admiration for him, and perhaps sensed that the chopper was 
where he wanted to be.  But the chopper came to where he was from a state 
of innocence, whereas HDT, in setting up his Walden "experiment," came 
from a background of learning and cultural assimilation.  He designed the 
Walden setup, and wished to have an experience there which would answer 
all of his questions.  The chopper lived in the moment, and was "satisfied" 
with his life as it was.  Huge difference!  HDT was a seeker, not so the 
chopper.  So, might we say that Walden was an exercise in futility?  Or, 
maybe it is valuable in that it illustrates the futility of HDT's approach in 
finding what is already the case.  Are we all choppers, really, and our seeking 
is to find our real chopper-nature?  😄 "Lives of quiet desperation"
means that this nature is already present, but seemingly hidden.

Or maybe not..!!  


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