Monday, July 31, 2023

Fleeting appearances..


Questions arise

As seeking..yet there 

Is no question and

No seeking..these are

Fleeting appearances

Whole already..

Religions arise as

Processes and places 

With answers to 

Questions of seeking..

Yet..religions are

Fleeting appearances 

Whole already..

Spirituality arises as

Processes and places

With answers...

Henry David Thoreau long ago spoke of most people living lives of "quiet desperation."  This refers to the nagging feeling that somehow one's fulfillment, or wholeness, is out of reach. A perennial feeling!  However, in times past, many of these people felt they were sheltered to some degree by political, social,  and pointedly, religious institutions, whether that was a valid assumption or not.  But, in more recent times, these institutions seem to be imploding, or perhaps their real institutional colors are more on display.  Corruption and distrust seem rampant.  Which leaves the quiet desperation behind, in favor of a more painful vociferous variety.  Middle classes have shrunk, bringing more people into the realm of worry and overwork.  The desired "fulfillment" seems far beyond reach to many.  Church policies seem largely based on hierarchies, confrontation, and, simply, separation as reality...truly of questionable relevance.  The example of Jesus lies far from these institutional doorsteps, although, to be fair, there seem to be fringes which know this. (As there always have been..and these fringes may contain the seeds of resurrection and restoration).  Many leaving the church fully appreciate the transparent institutional malaise, and find any internal repair not to be likely.  Perhaps some form of institutional crucifixion is the crying need of the day...

Thanks!  Charlie Coon

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