Friday, April 14, 2023

Simplicity and Complexity


No method

To Awaken..

But an immediate

Ending of all

Methods for

Discovering that

Simplicities and

Complexities are

Stories appearing as

Already nothing...

Simplicity and Complexity

Discusses the absolute simplicity of this method of Awakening and compares this with the many complex systems, ideologies and categories of (mis) identification which seem to appeal to the human mind.
By becoming of Awareness aware,
And seeing we are This,
We can awaken, without a care,
So simple this process is.
However, this does not appeal to the mind,
Which loves complexity and categorization,
So that all are by labels defined,
The major cause of misidentification.
This is especially true of spiritual groups,
The ‘ologies’, ‘ians’, ‘ities’, and ‘isms’,
That like to make us ‘jump through hoops’,
With their practices and dogmatisms.
Thus although many may the Truth contain,
This is overlaid with beliefs and complication,
Making it difficult understanding to gain,
Also to discover valid self-identification.
So if to Awareness you have become awake,
It’s best to treat them all with ‘gloves of kid’,
Of their many complexities no notice take,
Ignoring their definitions of a separate id.
Rumi recognized the dangers of this:
If identified with a religion or nation,
Love and compassion can go amiss,
For those not of the same inclination.
It’s best to avoid them all,
Sticking to the simple explanation,
That which no beliefs can pall,
Uncovered by direct investigation.

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