Sunday, April 30, 2023

No one left...(Andreas Mueller)


Rad non-duality

Is simply the notion

That there is no one:

No separate one

To do or to think..

In other versions

That one seems to

Linger..albeit in 

Rarer and rarer forms

To finally disappear..

A story of lingering

And disappearance

Playing in prime time...

The apparent self realizing its true nature is called self-realization. This so-called true nature is awareness or consciousness. The 'I' finding out that it is pure awareness is the 'I' finding out what I actually is. It is a seemingly singular experience which results in teachings which claim that there is one thing which is true or real. It may feel like hitting the bottom line, however, it is "just" another unfulfilling experience. Apparently, it still is a dual experience which seems to happen in time and space.

Liberation is the sudden melting back of that illusion into no-thing. It comes as a surprise as non-existence cannot be expected. What is left is a simple and ordinary directness which everything is: Thoughts are thoughts, feelings are feelings and cars are cars. Nothing stands out as there is not one thing left knowing itself. It is the end of all claims to be something. Neither the term self-realization nor the term liberation make sense anymore. There is just no one left. 

~~Andreas Mueller 

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