Saturday, April 29, 2023

A resurrection story...


A resurrection story...

This story was prompted by a posting by Chelley Gardner-Smith on social media, about a giant sycamore tree on her family farm in Kansas.  Over the years, all of the surrounding structures, house, barn, are gone, but the old tree remains.  It seems to be Permanent.

In my own experience growing up in Durango, Colorado, there is a peak which hovers over the town named Perins Peak.  My brother and I hiked to the top many times in those years back then.  Our mother lived in Durango all of her 99 years.  So, also on social media, there is a group whose members post both old and new photos of Durango, and Perins Peak seems as the Permanent fixture amid all the changes in the town, for better or worse, during the past century and more.

All of this brings to mind that resurrection is a Permanent feature.  It has no beginnings or endings, and is really indescribable.  Despite all the continuing changes in our lives, sometimes tumultuous, sometimes glorious and uplifting, sometimes quite difficult, there seems to be something Permanent which is there, regardless.   And, I am sure we all have reminders of this permanence, in such things as sycamore trees and mountain which our attention can be amazingly rewarded.



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