Thursday, February 23, 2023

No one to fall...


Non-dual Conversations

Peter Baker  ·   · 

The illusion of there being an external world arises because we seem to be able to control our own actions whilst not being able to control the ‘hard reality’ out there. We have only partial control. Most people fall for this one. It has even been called the ‘original fall’ - the fall into separation.

New age, ‘law of attraction’ type teachings say that the distinction between self and other is false and that we can learn to bend the universe so that it aligns with our desires. We can control it all. King Midas fell for this one – then wished he hadn’t.

Non-duality teachings also say that the distinction between the inner and outer worlds is illusory but that there is no self in control of any of it. Yet nothing is ever out of place. No one falls for this one because there is no one left to fall. But fall it does – and what a sweet fall it is - a falling in love!

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