Tuesday, February 21, 2023



"The shift"

Is sometimes

Told as an

Explosive epiphany..

A paradoxical


Apocalyptic bomb..

Yet the epiphany

Has also been told

In simpler words..

Perhaps occurring 

Paradoxically and

Commonly as

Just This...

A few words on "the Shift" from Jed McKenna:

'After the blast, I found myself stumbling dazed and shell-shocked though a post-apocalyptic landscape undreamed of by science fiction writers. Civilizations were reduced to windless deserts. Cities I now saw as blackened craters and people as shadows of smoke. What had been Earth, Home, Humanity, Family, Life, could now be most aptly called Nothing Forever.

That primary epiphany detonated in my mind like a smart bomb and left me all alone on a desert planet that had only that morning been teeming with people and problems and emotions and history and drama and a million other things that were instantly reduced to fine ash by the spiritual apocalypse that incinerated my world in a brilliant flash of light."

Jed McKenna, from Spiritual Warfare. (via Miranda Warren)

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