Sunday, April 17, 2022

The individual...Jim Newman


When the individual thinks it hears or understands this message, it's sometimes heard or understood as a negativity, as something wrong or not good. That is a reaction to the experience of the individuals' need for something to happen. The individual is basically a sense of need. It needs the next moment, it needs hope, it needs meaning and purpose, it needs the experience of freewill and choice. That need is a positivity for more and more and more experience. Those needs are all part and parcel of the individuals idea of what this is about.
This message completely undermines the experience of the individual as real. The suggestion is, that experience is an illusion. It's literally already not happening. So it doesn't need to stop happening. The message isn't actually negative, nor is it positive. The message is - as much as it can be - a reflection, a suggestion, that “this“ has no need. This is completely neutral. Everything that seems to be happening is neutral. It's total equilibrium. That includes the experience of being an individual.
The message is one of absolute unconditional freedom. It's not freedom that fulfills or is in relationship to the need of the illusory individual. It's not freedom that anybody ever knows or has.
Jim Newman~

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