Sunday, April 17, 2022

The Cross...Jeff Foster


“The cross
points to That
which cannot
be crucified….
It reminds us of Who We Truly Are prior to the story of time and space.
In this place of presence the bride and the bridegroom, the father and the son, time and the timeless, emptiness and form, even life and death are merely imaginary mental opposites, swimming in a love and a silence and a wholeness beyond comprehension.
The wild torture of the cross sucks you into its infinitely calm centre.
The crucifixion, understood in its deeper spiritual sense, points beyond psychology and even theology, to this ultimate invitation to awaken from separation; in other words, to die to all that is false ... and in the midst of that devastation, to discover the eternal Life that you are. Call it God or call it awareness or call it nothing at all, it really doesn’t matter ...
We all live our own crucifixion! We all face ruin and ridicule and despair and the loss of the image. Nobody escapes the trials of life. Nobody can divide themselves from the river of humanity, as the Buddha taught.
The only question is, what is your relationship to this existence? Can we “lovingly give ourselves up to the torment”? Can we be “joined forever” to ourselves, with “peace beyond understanding”? Can we see that death itself is not something to fear, but a dear friend reminding us of the preciousness of our very existence?
Can we begin to find inner acceptance even in the midst of the unacceptable moments?
Can we die
and be reborn...
in every Now?”
- Jeff Foster

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