Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Dreaming... (Antonia Lovejoy)

 In enlightenment training 101, one must do self inquiry. This involves watching one's thoughts as well as noticing the looker or watcher. This practice can lead you to see that the looker is invisible or that it simply cannot be found. One may then believe that he/she is this infinite invisible looker and quite often this apparent recognition is thought to be the end goal. But the looker/looking is simply part of the scenery, just like the looked at. 

The looker is a kind of smoke and mirrors game for the brain. It's function, if I can say that, is to keep the dream of separation going. 

But there simply is no looker and/or looked at. No perceiver and perceived, seer and seen, or knower and known. The knowing IS the known and so separation. 

You could say that all there is is the scenery and no separate knower of it, and ALL that apparently arises, including the belief or certainty that "I" see the scenery is itself part of the scenery. It's like an all encompassing, self evident movie show or dream that requires no watcher or dreamer. 

There is no owner or inhabiter of this dream, as the appearance of one is itself being dreamt. There is no one who can escape it or control it, as the appearance of control or escape is the dream. 

This "shift" isn't the end of the dream though, it's just seen or known that the dream is all there is and that the shift itself is part of the dream. 

It's not like a lucid dream either, as a lucid dream requires a dreamer who controls it and there is no dreamer or controller.

It's like being suspended in a kind of ease of being, indescribable and beautiful. An edgeless dream that requires no knower of it.....just marvelous.

~~Antonia Lovejoy

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