Saturday, November 21, 2020

Quantum Dimensions of Healing..Robin Starbuck..


Amazon review:

It appears this will be one more in the string of "5" ratings for this book!  Dr. Robin Starbuck has provided a modern commentary on the convergence of quantum physics, spirituality, and healing.  Yet, it is much more than a commentary..she is speaking to all of us about the possibility of healing from a new understanding--and more importantly, an experience--of who we are.  Really!  Her own experiences of physical illnesses are the foundation for her discoveries and her writing.  A significant uniqueness of the book is Dr. Robin's use of scriptural (primarily New Testament) language as a framework for her entry into the vastness of the quantum and spiritual worlds. She uses religious language despite her dislike for religion!  This book is one from which the Christian religion might derive much benefit, noting that her usage of words is likely closer to original holistic meanings. Her book is a deeply personal portrayal of her life of discovery and recognition.  The writing is informal, and should be a comfort to many who appreciate her manner of speaking.  Some might claim that there is too many quotes from her sources (perhaps there are) but the quotes are stepping stones on her path to discovery of what the world is looking for: an immediate knowing of the Peace and Joy which are features of our Real Identity.  Take a look..!!  

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