Saturday, November 28, 2020

LIFE being life..

LIFE being life..

Regrets in this life

Transport us outward

And mark a duration

To some remembered place..

Yet there is a tension 


To turn us once more with

A relieving recognition:

LIFE being life...

She was getting old, she wrote me, and she was filled with regret that she had spent decades at satsangs and retreats and watching videos and reading books about enlightenment. She said she felt that her life had passed her by and she had nothing to show for it.

I told her that was her life, every smile and hug she shared with everyone else at every talk and every retreat, seeker and sage alike, simply human animals singing and talking and meditating and doing yoga and laughing and crying and sleeping and breaking bread together; her life was in every beautiful word that touched her, and that feeling of longing the words evoked was none other than her own love and beauty; her life was there in all the videos that perplexed her and annoyed her and also filled her with wonder and awe.

I told her there is no this to get, no journey to nowhere, and your life was never your own, it never passed you by, it is you, it is all and everything and no thing at all. No one has ever had more, known more, or felt more than you do right now in this apparent instant, and that is as enlightened as any of us are ever going to get. This is your life, and it is love, and it is not even that, yet it is always so beautifully and wonderfully and mysteriously more than enough.

~~Miranda Warren

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