Sunday, September 27, 2020

Freedom and Sleeping...



-John McIntosh

Since the fall of Conscious Awareness into the belief in separation and the dream universe(s) that manifested from that illusion, there have always been beacons of Light [the SELF in dream bodies] radiating Truth ‘into’ the dream … usually in obscurity. Some few have come forward visibly to ‘point’ to the illusion of ‘who you are NOT’ and from this, countless belief systems unfolded, diluted by their follower’s remaining conditioning … nevertheless, shining a little Truth into the darkness of the Grand Dream.

In this moment there are many who are approaching the threshold of Freedom and all of humanity benefits from the ‘knowing’ that emanates naturally from their emptiness. Those few who are completely ‘without’ conditioning and who remain in a physical dream body, ‘influence’ the Awareness of the slumbering God-SELF of humanity more than the entire affect of 7.5 billion well meaning sleeping beings.

Such is the limitless Love the SELF extends ‘to’ IT SELF.

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