Friday, May 15, 2020

Pillar Zoom Meeting..

Pillar Zoom class description..

Quarantine..We all confront being alone..What is
Your experience..? Loneliness..? Boredom..?
Solitude..? And what is Solitude..? From teachings of
Non-duality we discover Solitude as Self-Knowledge and Joy..
You are invited to Zoom conversation facilitated 
by Charlie Coon, July 3rd, 10 AM, l hour..Preparation:
The (short) book: Rupert Spira's Being Aware of Being Aware.

Solitude is a condition of peace that stands in direct opposition to loneliness...Loneliness has its roots in words, in an internal conversation that nobody answers; solitude has it's roots in the great silence of eternity.
~Simon Jones

"The Direct Path requires no spiritual or religious
affiliation or background.  No preparatory practice
is required for the simple recognition that being
aware or awareness itself is the essential, irreducible,
indivisible element in all experience, to which we 
refer as "I" or "myself".  None has privileged access 
to it.  It is equally available to all people, in all places,
under all circumstances and in all situations.  All 
that is required is a deep interest in the nature of
reality, or an intuition that the peace, happiness or
love for which all people long cannot be satisfied 
by objective experience." 
~~ Rupert Spira, The Nature of Consciousness

Meditation: Exploring Two Essential Questions...Rupert Spira

Non-duality addresses two essential questions, 'How may we find lasting peace and happiness?' and 'What is the nature of reality?'. We find that the answers to both questions are the same: self-knowledge. In this contemplation, we uncover the nature of this naked, uncoloured self to find both the means of lasting peace, of happiness, and an understanding of the nature of reality. 

Joan Tollifson
From my book Death: The End of Self-Improvement:

My mother once told an ER nurse that my books are about being who you are. This can be heard on many levels. It can mean being the limitless Here-Now. Or it can mean fully playing our part as the character we are pretending to be in the movie of waking life, playing that part wholeheartedly, without restraint or apology, without holding back, without trying to be someone else instead, being exactly who we are in this moment with utter abandon, “following your bliss,” as my mother would say. I think my mother intended “being who you are” in both of these ways when she said it, the undivided wholeness and the fully-lived character. Maybe they are actually one and the same. Maybe that is part of the great discovery that is called awakening, liberation or enlightenment. And maybe the other part of that great discovery is that the fully-lived character and the undivided wholeness aren’t ever what we think they are. Maybe the fully-lived character is exactly what we actually are in this moment, not how we imagine we should or could be, if only. Likewise, maybe Ultimate Reality or nirvana or supreme enlightenment is not a distant memory or a future hope, but rather this present moment, this aliveness that is endlessly appearing and disappearing, inhaling and exhaling, dying and being born—right here, right now, just as it is.
--from Death: The End of Self-Improvement

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