Saturday, May 23, 2020

die before we die..

die before we die..

to observe the world
with its temporary forms
must lead to the question
of what remains..
then to experience 
the Fullness of
that which remains as
our new Identity is to
die before we die...

The real question is then: how can I get to know life so that death can no longer make sense? I'd say you can never know, objectively, what life is. We can only be life, be what knows. This knowledge is an instant apperception, free of space and time, in which there is no knowledge or ignorance. It is the awakening of life in its fullness. This awakening is our real birth. The phenomenal birth is only an accident and the house as long as our real nature, our real birth is unexplored.
From our awakening to Life, we become deeply conscious of not being a conceptual object. The reflex of it is no longer manifest. This is a state of a deep opening where there is only life, a total lack of being anything. It is timeless, without dimension, and cannot be objective, that is, experienced. It wasn't born, and what wasn't born can't die. In this original non-state, the idea of death is not even present.
The fear of death comes from our identification to the body/mind. This mistake is just a thought. The fear of dying, therefore, comes from the ability to think. In the absence of thought, there is no space or time.
Space, time, go, come, the past, the future exists only in thought. They have no independent reality. All the fear created by society and religions around what is called death is only a fabrication of the mind. Only an object can be afraid, but you're not objectifiable.
- Jean Klein, The Great Oblivion

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