Wednesday, May 13, 2020



Simply nudging
Our attention Inward..
This the purpose of 
Those unpleasantries we
Are right now confronting..
These are both major and 
Subtle..It is the pull of 
Grace..which has been
Pulling since we were cast
In the dream of separation...

Discord is never somehow ‘defeated’. All chaos, whether in the body or in one’s circumstances is a manifestation of the mind. Nothing shows up in your personal experience that ‘you’ [not YOU] did not project into it … ‘scenes’ written into the play of your life story. The body-mind-identity [false self] is a part of these projections as is the world and the entire universe … all very believable stories YOU as the SELF have made-up and stepped into to experience.
When illness, for example shows up in your body, no matter how small or great, it is a ‘projection’ only [usually below the radar of your awareness] … an amalgam of thoughts co-mingled with a ‘stew’ of your own unique conditioning [attachments, expectations and identifications] and designed to get your ‘attention’ so that you will turn inward. Few, as yet ‘get’ this and instead deal with the illness with a band-aid approach treatment – ‘out there’ rather than inside. This merely ‘shifts’ the energy to reappear elsewhere in your experience or terminates the temporary body you are wearing at the moment. This conditioning has NOT ‘gone’ anywhere and ‘will’ come again in some way until it is transformed back into nothing-ness.
Everything in your world experience is a ‘tug’ on your ‘attention’, gentle to shocking to nudge your attention inside and WILL NOT leave until you are fully Aware of the God You Are. This is the enormous blessing of discord.
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