Friday, March 6, 2020

One who Suffers

One who Suffers

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The point of welcoming or looking deeply is not to dispel suffering. It is to see clearly that the one who suffers is utterly non-existent. When this is clearly seen what remains of the suffering which revolved around and depended upon that non-existent one?
How can something that is non-existent be dispelled? If there is any sense that there is something to be dispelled the clear seeing is not clear enough.

Look again and see clearly that the separate suffering ‘I’ can never be found. And likewise see with absolute clarity that that in which all appearances of the mind and body arise (ie. Awareness) is always and already inherently free of suffering. Be that one knowingly. Take your stand as that.

Do not get involved with apparent suffering or the relief of it in any way. Just give your attention to something else. Give your attention to Awareness. Abide as that. Apparent suffering thrives on the attention we give it, with the desire to get rid of it. The desire to get rid of it is just the resistance to our resistance. It is more of the same.

Once it has been seen that the separate entity is a fiction, a belief, only these raw, mildly uncomfortable sensations are left. And they are appearing in and ultimately made out of this ever-present Awareness which is freedom and happiness itself. Be that knowingly and allow all this discomfort to flow through you.

Rupert Spira

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