Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Naked Happening...(with Joan Tollifson)

Naked Happening

Our minds deny us
The thrill of reality
By naming and locating
A before and after..
Our mind is an artist
Embellishing with fact
What is begging for
Notice without fact..
Yet..when we know
Our mind's confinement
Of naked happening
We have the key to
Set ourselves Free...

All we ever actually have is present experiencing, which boils down to the undeniable knowingness of being here now, present and aware, and the undeniable fact of this ever-changing appearance—sensations, thoughts, feelings, perceptions—not those words or concepts, but the naked actuality to which they point. And that naked actuality is an inconceivable, immediate happening that can never actually be grasped or contained by any concept or formula.
~~Joan Tollifson..from my book Death: The End of Self-Improvement (available from Amazon)

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