Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Revolution in Consciousness. (with Marianne Williamson)

Revolution in Consciousness

The revolution is easily stated
In images which seem to satisfy
The finite mind..
But this is not enough..
The propositions may result in
Nodding heads..without the
Spontaneous experience which
Presents as certainty and which
Precedes these well-meant words... 

Marianne Williamson:

What is the Revolution of Consciousness, in a nutshell? Like all great movements in human history, it is based on a single insight: in this case, that we are not separate from one another. We are not material beings limited to the physical body, but beings of consciousness limited by nothing. Like waves in the ocean or sunbeams to the sun, there is actually nowhere where one of us stops and another one starts. On the level of bodies, we're all separate of course. But on the level of consciousness, we are one.

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