Friday, December 13, 2019

Appearing (with Tony Parsons)

enfolds all that we
seem to experience:  
thoughts and scenes and 
tensions and joys..
yet we refrain from naming
appearances as appearances..
appearances are too fleeting
for solidity and safety of our
foundations..and so we name
the names we name..
ignoring the screams of 
fleeting appearances 
doused in Truth...

"All there is is this...
the one appearing as two
nothing appearing as everything
the absolute appearing as relative
emptiness appearing as fullness
the uncaused appearing as the caused
unicity appearing as separation
subject appearing as object
the singular appearing as plurality
the impersonal appearing as the personal
the unknown appearing as the known
It is silence sounding and stillness moving,
and these words appearing as pointers to the wordless
...and yet nothing is happening
~ Tony Parsons.

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