Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Direct vs Progressive Paths...

Progressive vs Direct Paths..

Non-duality teachings involve an encounter of the progressive vs direct paths.  
I think everyone on the planet is engaged, whether they are aware of it or not, 
on both of these paths.  The progressive path is prone to set expectations, 
while the direct finds the expectation met in an instant.  Life seems to be a 
combination of both.  I think that I can identify both experiences in my life 
so far, and you no doubt can also.  The two paths, in my view, cannot be 
separated. When Rupert talks of the direct path --ignorance (some-thing), 
understanding (no-thing), and love (every-thing)--there seems to be a 
progression of experiences.  In my recent years, I have favored the 
direct path...perhaps by realizing that the direct experience can expand, 
and need not be limited to just short periods.  Another saying that comes 
to mind is that meditation is not what we do, but what we are.  
So, Recognition is a key word for me.

On Gangaji, I will have to say that I have only skimmed the Diamond book.  
I occasionally use her videos because I think exposure to different teachers 
is useful. It has become important to me to recognize the limitations of words, 
and I think that is a marker on the direct path.  Words point!  

Neo-Advaita, has cropped up in the West, and Rupert and others provide caution.  
This  phenomena, as I understand it, is simply the use of non-dual language, 
without the non-dual experience.  In other words, one remains within an  assumption 
of duality, but proclaims (withegoistic flavor) the non-dual truths.  A kind of 
fundamentalism perhaps.

Remember the Cosmic Joke:  You are already what you are looking for...!  πŸ€”☺πŸŽΆπŸ””

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