Friday, December 13, 2019

doodling (with Paul Klee)

emerging from a
cloud of Freedom..
allowing the finite sketcher
to sit this one out..
allowing a Recognition
of our Freedom to guide a
free pencil to proclaim
the reality of our Freedom..
as lines and colors
shine in a unity 

Miriam Louisa Simons
Paul Klee, Dancing Under the Empire of Fear, 1938
Watercolour on Ingres card.
Klee's deliberate doodle-like style manages to communicate more by way of dread and terror than any more ‘sophisticated’ visual manner could. Are those dancers dancing in subversive joy, or are they twitching and flailing as they are gunned down? Are those dots people in the distance, or bullets? Look at the Brownshirt and military Khaki colour scheme. Note how the square-bodied figures form rudimentary but unmistakable swastikas. 1938 indeed.

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