Wednesday, January 2, 2019

What are Objects?

What are objects?

a silly question many will say
an interruption to things of importance..
the chair is the on to my
daily schedule..uninterrupted please..
however..after much searching to 
satisfy desires..pausing with the question
might be finally reconsidered..finding that
an inbred belief in objects can be rattled
with attention to experience..telling of the 
frailty of of such belief..
we experience in wholes..not in chairs
claiming their independence..
the chair reconsidered shows up as
perception temporarily..then perceiving..
a walking back to the Reality which 
has been quietly waiting for
those objects we knew before the question 
now appear as they always appeared
but somehow now..satisfying the desires
we had painfully pursued...

RS:  There Are No Objects..

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