Thursday, January 10, 2019

Listening to Edgar Allan Poe

Listening to Edgar Allan Poe

Amazing! (see below)
from Edgar Allan Poe
early 19th century..

we await this awakening

switching of identities
sometime in our lifetime
is the one and only
purpose we have..

Jehovah replaces Man
as felt identity..
beliefs are cast aside
and our activities
are activities of That
which we are...

Think that the sense of individual identity will be gradually merged in the general consciousness—that Man, for example, ceasing imperceptibly to feel himself Man, will at length attain that awfully triumphant epoch when he shall recognize his existence as that of Jehovah. In the meantime bear in mind that all is Life—Life—Life within Life—the less within the greater, and all within the Spirit Divine."

- Edgar Allan Poe (1809 - 1849)
Eureka: A Prose Poem

this excerpt from:

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