Thursday, January 17, 2019

Water and Wine II

Water and Wine II

See: John 2: 1-11 

How can we use metaphor to assist us in a new universal understandings?   
Consider the metaphor of the ocean and waves.  (Water is to the ocean, 
as wine is to waves.)  Each of us is having a wave experience, each wave 
different, and we believe that the many and various waves mark the 
realities of our lives..with all of its struggles and joys. That is..until 
we notice the ocean! We, as temporary waves, as well as the ocean, are 
all made of water!  
We are water!
Who would have thought?!  

The Cana metaphor is similar..prompting our notice that wine 
comes entirely from water (see image),  is made entirely of water.  
(all metaphors have imperfections!)  But, might we experience the 
pervading Oneness expressed in metaphor?  
Each of us is that Oneness.  Not magic..but Real metaphorical 

And, there is more.  Jesus is most direct with his mother, telling her that 
his hour has not yet come. What could this possibly have do with water 
and wine?   The hour to which he refers is, of course, the crucifixion 
and resurrection.  Back to the metaphor..even though we have 
experienced the Oneness of the ocean and wave (water and wine), alas 
we forget, and forgetting brings back the suffering which results from 
the appearance and belief in separation (sin is the religious name).  
Apparently, we need to crucify this belief, again and again, by 
remembering once more who we are…wine resurrecting as water..
wave resurrecting as ocean (water).
Metaphorically speaking, that is!!

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