Tuesday, January 29, 2019



a simple experience
of being aware
here and now..
as inhale transcends 
we bathe in the fullness
of our true Self..
the exhale greets
the forests and fields
as we discover
their coloring and 
shaping of the

'Natural breathing requires the entire body, it is not just the work of the mouth and lungs. Indeed, the lungs play an almost passive role during the entire process — they function as a valve for the air to pass and filter through. Watch when an infant breathes, how their stomachs rise and fall as the air circuits their system. The air moves through the nostrils, filling the belly first, then the rib cage expands. The whole cycle is relaxed and gentle, there is no haste or worry. The respiratory wave flows through the pelvic floor and circulates the breath around the hips and down to the feet, grounding the energy down into a calmer vibration. This is the natural way of breathing.
(This excerpted from below..)

Harry J. Stead (Medium):  Why Deep Breathing Will Change Your Life..

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