Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid

This is startling to the science of our day..
A massive pyramid built by a science
apparently far superior to the science we know..
But evolution has brought our time
to a dim awareness of a new Science on the horizon:
the Science of Consciousness which is urging
each of us to discover for ourselves..
For it is the discovery of our own Identity (Self)
outside of the limitations of time and space..
It brings to mind that this new Science has
never been absent..has always been available..
Available to those builders in what seems
so long ago...

Thanks, CP, for this important video!!

Friends - Here is a very interesting 5-minute video on the construction of the Great Pyramid by Graham Hancock, a very knowledgeable English researcher, journalist, historian, etc.  Some of the specific facts as to its precise construction are simply astounding, amazing, unbelievable, etc.  Graham packs a lot of info into this 5 minutes but has no answer as to the HOW.  So well worth your 5 minutes.

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