Thursday, September 21, 2017

Beyond Matter

Beyond Matter

In science's telescopes and other scopes
matter is refined..subtlety replaces subtlety 
extrapolation is made to the far future
to other civilizations out which
matter has become so very subtle..that it
has almost disappeared from view..Almost..?
Almost means..however..that in this 
matter of matter..the Greeks still hold sway..
Matter is simply a name given to that which
appears not to be Mind..or simply the Other..
Searching and not finding matter has been
the occupation of science for lo many years
and now speculation continues the search to
alien spaces which thought places out there..
We await a discovery momentous..matter
is not to be or there...!

The Alien Observatory --"Advanced Life May Exist in a Form That's Beyond Matter"

Astrophysicist Paul Davies at Arizona State University suggests that advanced technology might not even be made of matter. That it might have no fixed size or shape; have no well-defined boundaries. Is dynamical on all scales of space and time. Or, conversely, does not appear to do anything at all that we can discern. Does not consist of discrete, separate things; but rather it is a system, or a subtle higher-level correlation of things.      For more see:

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