Monday, September 11, 2017

STRETCH..September 18th, 2017

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Monday, September 18th
 3:30 to 5:00 PM 
(Please note the new time!..)
Myron Stratton Home
Convener:  Charlie Coon

“The Direct Approach”

We will use videos (Kirtana, Gangaji, and Rupert Spira)
 and conversation as guides to assist in
experiencing the always available
Direct Approach
to Self-realization…

Rupert Spira:  The Direct Path

Rupert Spira:  How Do I Practice Self Enquiry?

Rupert Spira:  The Great Misconception (Body is Aware)

Rupert Spira: Awareness Without Objects

Rupert Spira:  The Short Cut Question "Am I Aware?"

Rupert Spira: There is no World Outside Consciousness

Rupert Spira & Lisa Natoli: The Direct Approach to the Light of Pure Knowing
Gangaji:  The Religion of ME

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