Saturday, September 16, 2017


Rupert Spira:  The Direct Path

Rupert Spira:  How Do I Practice Self Enquiry?

Rupert Spira:  The Great Misconception (Body is Aware)

The knowledge ‘I am’ is God’s signature in the mind. It is the portal through which awareness localises itself as the mind and the same portal through which the mind passes in the opposite direction as it investigates its essential nature. As such, the knowledge ‘I am’ is the primary knowledge upon which all other knowledge depends. Until the essential nature of the mind is known, it is not possible to have correct knowledge about any other thing. Thus, there is no higher knowledge than to know the nature of one's mind, and no higher endeavour than to embark on that investigation. 
'The Nature of Consciousness' by Rupert Spira

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