Thursday, September 28, 2017

Eban Alexander's Confessions

Eban Alexander's Confessions

His Near Death Experience
fundamentally seemed to alter
his doubting path..
He claims a subjective reality
as the only reality a human
can possibly know..
So good..
There remains..however
an assumption of reality
of the observable universe..
This residue of former beliefs
clouds his otherwise
most noble explanations...

“The problem is they failed to realize that subjective reality is the only thing any human being can possibly know to exist.”
Materialism is the easy science, the low-hanging fruit, and very much held onto by those who simply want to claim some knowledge of reality, even though it fails miserably at explaining anything about conscious awareness itself, or all manner of human experiences, both mundane and exotic. The answer comes in adopting a much grander world view, notably that of metaphysical idealism: that consciousness is fundamental in the universe, and that all else, including the observable physical universe, emerges from consciousness. ~~Eban Alexander
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