Sunday, October 30, 2016

Spirit and Matter

Spirit and Matter

I am Aware that I am Aware
this common experience
negates the claims
of matter's independence..
Matter gained renown 
from the ancient Greeks
though over  centuries..
 alas..never was found..
Attending our experience
demonstrates once more
that Awareness stands
aware of itself..
So called matter
is the cultural wool
pulled over our eyes..
Veiling the Awareness
which in desperation
we seek..!

Sorry, Richard..!

Whenever the material and the spiritual coincide, there is the Christ. Jesus fully accepted that human-divine identity and walked it into history. Henceforth, the Christ “comes again” whenever we are able to see the spiritual and the material coexisting, in any moment, in any event, and in any person. All matter reveals Spirit, and Spirit needs matter to “show itself”! I believe "the Second Coming of Christ" happens whenever and wherever we allow this to be utterly true for us. This is how God continually breaks into history—even before the first Stone Age, humans stood in awe and wonder, gazing at the stars.
~~Richard Rohr

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