Sunday, October 2, 2016

Quaking Edge

Quaking Edge

Vibrations in our experience
can be graded.. calm to extreme..
From gentle coloring frequencies
in an artist's living canvas
to our vibratory connecting internet..
To pulsar pulsations from distant beacons
and our enclosure in our Sun's emanations..
Now we are informed of a quaking edge
where vibration threatens pain and destruction..
Fearful it seems without realization
that all vibration is known by perception
by sensing and thought..
We understand the quaking
as we are.. not as it is..
Vibratory colorations of
what I am...

Seismologists fear a 'megaquake' could be coming have been raised following a series of more than 35 temblors recorded by the Southern California Seismic Network that struck a rural area of Southern California near the U.S.-Mexico border. For seven-days following Tuesday, the chances of a magnitude-7 or greater earthquake being triggered on the southern San Andreas fault are as high as 1 in 100 and as low as 1 in 3,000. It marked only the third time since earthquake sensors were installed there in 1932 that the area had seen such a swarm, and this one had more earthquakes than the events of 2001 and 2009.
(Excerpt from "The Daily Galaxy)

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