Saturday, October 1, 2016

Proposition 106

CC, AW and others -
        I am deep in a quandary.  In consideration of the Proposition 106 (medical assistance to end one's life), I'm not sure to vote for it, against it or leave this issue blank.  Here, there is a spiritual issue ..... advice from the "other side" seems against this.  And, on occasion, some miraculously do recover in a thought-to-be terminal situation.  But then again, if one has been declared terminal by a knowledgeable and experienced physician and is in severe pain, such assistance seems best.  How to vote?
P.S.:  CC - This issue, after your consideration, may be worthy of a blog entry

I am in a deep quandary 
about a proposed law
seeming to allow deciding
on ending of life on
close personal terms..
My"I am"
has hereby been enclosed
in the body I believe
to be my home..
My perspective from pain
in my body of belief
rebels when denied
certain relief..
Yet my hesitation
stems from experience
of my real identity
with limits removed..
So I am learning
that shifting perspectives
produced this quandary 
un-stilling my mind..
Settling into this truth
my vote decision
flags in importance
and floats away...

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