Wednesday, September 23, 2015



'ness is a state of being
being other
but not other
than our Self..
Thus the tree
the lake
the animal
the bird
we perceive these others
and they in richness
join and bless
bless our Being
our one Self...

Before Felling a Tree

Don’t kill me, don’t fall on me.
Sacred Tree, Sacred Pine
It’s because I am in need
that I cut you down….

Give me your firewood, your kindling,
your torchlight so I can see what I’m eating, Kajval.
Give me your heat to bake my tortillas, to boil my beans.
Give me the beams to build my house
and pillars to support the thatch, the vines, the mud.

Kaxil, Godmother:
I’m going to split your wood, your arms, your legs,
your face, your head.
I’m going to chop you down with my ax,
with my machete.
Don’t scold me, don’t drip your tears on me.
I don’t want to cut you down, but it’s cold….

Antonia Moshán Culej’s poem “Before Felling a Tree” exemplifies the Mayan women’s respect for and connectedness with nature:

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