Sunday, September 13, 2015

Before the Bang

Before the Bang

The struggle in science
is the struggle of each..
We struggle to know
Who am I?
And the mind 
moves in time
forward and back
and in space
in here and out there..
Consciousness is patient
quantum in nature
non-local and entangled
awaiting the surrender
of mind's attempts
to answer the

What came before the big bang?
Has the universe existed forever? Or was there something before it? To find out, we need a working theory of quantum gravity and a new conception of time

What came before the big bang?
(Image: Matthew Richardson)

PAUSE. Rewind. Suddenly the outward rush of 200 billion galaxies slips into reverse. Instead of expanding at pace, the universe is now imploding like a deflating balloon: faster and faster, smaller and smaller, everything hurtling together until the entire cosmos is squeezed into an inconceivably hot, dense pinprick. Then pshhht! The screen goes dead.

According to the big bang theory – our best explanation for why space is expanding – everything exploded from nothing about 13.8 billion years ago. Cosmologists have been able to wind things back to within a tiny fraction of a second of this moment. But now they’re stuck.

The trouble is, our understanding of space-time, and gravity in particular, is built from Einstein’s equations of general relativity, whereas the extreme conditions of the very early universe can only be described by quantum mechanics. No one knows how to reconcile the two ...
(from:  New Scientist 2 September 2015)

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