Saturday, July 4, 2015

Tree of duality

Tree of duality

from their Field
this explosion of 
When they ate
the Other arose
in Consciousness Consciousness
but seeming as separate..
Thus from this tree
our illusory separation
awaits our Awareness
 simultaneous forgiveness
as we experience
this Big Picture...

Hi Charlie,
We were discussing the meaning  of "the good news of the gospels" yesterday and I had a flash.
What if the theology of original sin was not so related to Adam  and Eve's disobedience of the command not to eat of the tree of Good and Evil, but that eating that fruit resulted in being thrust from union and wholeness with God to the dualistic world of good and evil, which we are still suffering from.  And then when various spiritual teachers come to teach non-dualism they are truly "saving" us from that curse?

Hmmm (from my friend, Thelma)

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