Saturday, July 18, 2015

Pausing for Pluto

Pausing for Pluto

The excitement surged
when vast distances
were seen to dissolve..
A promise of what
was assumed as new 
filled finite minds..
Let's not diminish
this accomplishment
and expectation but
only ask:
What might be
discovered but some
variations of linearity 
leaving our real longings
back on the
launch pad...

Today especially, boasting is something NASA is entitled to do. New Horizons completes a half-century reconnaissance of all nine planets in our solar system, with some—Uranus and Neptune—getting just one visit each, while others got many. Mars is currently so well-populated by probes that it has something close to a mini-infrastructure. And not to put too fine or jingoistic a point on it, but the overwhelming majority of spacecraft ranging anywhere in the solar system carry the NASA decal and the American flag. (TIME)

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