Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I am...

I am...

A simple
into my Oneness..
An experience
of welcome
available  always
and most directly
with a question..
This Question
we might ask
in our busy-ness 
or in our silence:
Who am I..?

Then we Ponder:
Did my getting here
become my 
BEing here..?
Here and Now
Where.. I am..?
Was this my
path to worship
this morning..?
How did my
short journey
give shape to:
I am..?

What of my
job or career
profession or 
What I do
or have done
or not done
in my life..?
How do these
give shape to: 
I am..?

What of my
family and friends..
Of those persons
I have left behind..
Of those I remember
with regret..
How do these
give shape to:
 I am?

Or.. might we 
 I am
as the experience
which in Scripture
we find..?
Without shape
as luminous
as eternal
as joyful
as Grace.. That..
I am...

(In addition to the scripture verses
we have seen and heard this morning,
there is one more verse in the book of Psalms
which profoundly expresses: I am

Please repeat by whisper or silently each line 
as I read from Psalms...)

Be still and know that I am God..

Be still and know that..I am..

Be still and know..

Be still..



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