Friday, May 22, 2015

The INVITATION (Amazon review)

I have known Frannie Rose for many years, and know that her personal struggle early in life has inspired many people. Her suffering through seventeen bedridden years is the bedrock for her spiritual teachings.  Hers is a spirituality which is Experiential, a characteristic often missing in modern religion, and in reality, in most of us.  The subtitle of her new book is "Uncovering God's Longing to be Heard," which I found as an exhilarating reversal of the usual meaning of longing.  This is truly a message from Grace, which Frannie has answered in a most inspiring way, and her experience has become a treasured gift for many.
The book contains several graphics, which Frannie uses in her retreats, and which augment  her words in a beautiful and emphatic way.  She also uses some quite distinctive metaphors, such as the Mind Prison, to facilitate understanding.  Her simple "We" goes far in explaining the need for new Awareness of our true identities as spiritual beings. 
The book is also the result of her years of experience hosting an annual series of retreats by One Simple Voice, the nonprofit organization which she founded. My hope is that this book, and Frannie Rose, find the attention of many more who are struggling in this modern age, and who can identify with this simple, yet profound, and uplifting voice..!  
Undoubtedly Five Stars and More..!

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