Friday, January 2, 2015

The Stillness in the Movement


There is no such thing as a thought from the past.
Who we truly are does not ‘travel’ into the past in or as thought. A thought about the past, a memory, a fragment of time, an impression, a recollection, arises in the present.
A thought about the future, a dream of what may or may not happen, a fantasy of time, does not happen in the future, it happens here, now.
Past and future do not 'happen' in the past or future, just as a movie set in the past does not cause the movie screen itself to travel into the past. Past and future happen here, where you are. The movie screen is timeless yet holds all movements of time. All thoughts are present thoughts!
This moment is not really a ‘moment’ separate from any other moment at all. It is not a sliver of time sandwiched between a past and future moment. This moment is the vast field of presence, where past and future arise and fall, where dreams are born and die, where thoughts, sensations, sounds, smells, feelings, all arise and dissolve, leaving no trace.
This moment is vast and timeless and holds everything. Since the words ‘moment’ and ‘movement’ come from the same root, it may be better to call this THE PRESENT MOVEMENT. The present movement of life! The movement of thoughts, sensations, feelings, time itself...
And what is aware of all this movement? What holds, embraces, allows this dance, yet never itself moves? That which you truly are. Your unchanging nature. Awareness itself.
In the midst of all the movement of life, the total stillness of you!

- Jeff Foster

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