Thursday, January 29, 2015

Faith Formation Questions

Faith Formation Questions:

(Note: It is hoped that the following questions will stimulate your thinking
concerning the Mid-hour programs we have experienced during the 
past four Sundays.  If you would be interested in continuing in this 
direction, Marta Fioriti would appreciate your feedback for her reference
in planning future Faith Formation programs at Broadmoor Community Church.)

1.  How important are Non-dual teachings in our 21st Century?

2.  What was your experience in reading Richard Rohr's The Naked Now?

3.  What is the meaning for you in Richard's statement that our old software 
needs to be replaced with new software?  Startling?

4.  Does Non-duality present a new understanding of Jesus for you?  Awakening?

5.  Do you plan to pursue Non-dual teachings in your own spiritual practice?

6.  Would you wish to attend more group meetings on this approach? 

7.  How might each of us become more aware of Non-dual reality?

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