Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Special Friend

A Special Friend

Her condition he said in a surprise email
is terminal..
Swift aftermath of winter's flu contagion
 offered to explain this forecast
 a near-time transition of life..
The shocks of the sudden rippled
through her sea of friends..
Of recent encounters and laughs
these framed the expressions of 
surprised dismay..

She had suffered great suffering
yet loved with great love
recounted her children..
She taught me to love
he told us through tears..
Expressions as these we heard
on this January afternoon
a service of prayer..

A transition for all
perhaps transformation..
Her joy seemed always aglow
which we felt..though often
through senses veiled..
Yet her sudden transition
may have cleared our eyes
at least for this moment..
 We glimpsed through shadings
her own and our own
most joyous light...

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