Friday, December 5, 2014

The Guide

The Guide

We each encounter 
our everyday guides
assisting our discovery of 
our real Identity..
These temporary guides
provide brief assists
for an embracing
of her
our own inner Guide..
She who alone knows
who I Am and
the path I must take
and abandon...

The false gurus 
will call themselves gurus. 
They will ask you to worship them,

follow them, wash their feet,
in order to purge your own ego.

They will try to convince you
that they have something you don't,
that they are something you aren't,
that they have 'arrived'.
They will claim to have no self. 
They will carry the odour of specialness.

Disagree with them, 
and they may call you 'resistant'.

The true gurus are all around.
They probably won't even call themselves gurus. 
They need no worship,
require no doting disciples. 
They know they are profoundly equal to you.
They make no claims about themselves. 
They will always remind you
that the true guru is not external - 
she lies within.

They have travelled far.
They have learned how to wash their own feet.

- Jeff Foster

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