Tuesday, December 2, 2014

STRETCH...MacKenzie Place

STRETCH...MacKenzie Place
Corner of Fillmore and Union
December 8th, 2014
4:00 to 6:00 PM
No cost

Non-dual teachings have been around for thousands of years. They are the basis for some of the world’s major religions. At the moment, it seems the message of non-duality is breaking free from its religious history. It is being re-invented, translated, and adapted into really straightforward and simple language. The new teachings are making non-duality available to many people who would not have otherwise heard the message.
--Non-Duality America website

We will continue to examine these provocative and crucial 
"new teachings" by use of
video and discussion.
Hope to see you on Monday..!

Charlie Coon

When you ask me what I did yesterday, I tell you my story of ‘yesterday’. However, in truth, ‘yesterday’ is nothing more than a thought story happening in this present moment. I cannot find any ‘yesterday’ outside of right now. In other words, yesterday didn’t happen yesterday – it is collection of thoughts, images, sensations, arising in this present space, the space that I am. And ‘tomorrow’, too, is a story, happening right now. Yesterday and tomorrow are actually happening right now! They are right here, out of time, in this intimate presence. They are part of the texture of this very moment. They arise and dissolve in this vast field of Being. However, when you ask you me what I did yesterday, I do not respond: “What an absurd question! Yesterday is just a story happening now! There is no yesterday!” No, I say, “I went for a walk. And you?” As long as memory is there, response arises to meet question, effortlessly. You see, this intimacy that we are rejects nothing. It deeply allows past and future to arise and dissolve in its unconditional embrace. There is enough space for everything here.

~ Jeff Foster

You cannot be a thought, you can only know a thought, stay present as it arises, stays for a while, and dissolves into your unspeakable vastness, leaving you untouched, whole.
Be spacious, undefined!

- Jeff Foster

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